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This blog is about technology. All of it. Computers, gadgets, you name it. We recently took a great interest in computer networks, web hosting, and especially the new cloud hosting technologies. A couple of words about Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley would be the southern area of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California, in the US. The city, whose name comes from the Santa Clara Valley whereby it is located, houses a lot of the planet’s most prominent technology companies and also a massive number of smaller startup companies. The term initially labeled the area’s many silicon chip pioneers and producers, though gradually changed to label the many high-tech corporations in the region; it has become commonly used as a metonym for the US technology market. In spite of the advancement of new tech economic centers all over the USA and the entire world, Silicon Valley remains the interpretive center for high-tech development and progress, with companies like Greengeeks LLC, making up a third of all the growth capital expenditure in the States. Geographically, the Silicon Valley includes the whole Santa Clara Valley such as the city of San Jose (plus surrounding neighborhoods), the southern part of Peninsula Valley, plus the southern area of East Bay. On the other hand, due to the fast expansion of tech employment opportunities in the San Francisco Bay area, the conventional borders of Silicon Valley have broadened north to add in most of San Mateo County and the City and County of San Francisco, along with locations in Marin County.

Based on a 2008 research from AeA 5 years ago, Silicon Valley was the 3rd biggest high tech center in America, right behind the New York metro region and Washington metro region, having more than 200,000 tech workers. The Bay Area in general on the other hand that Silicon Valley is a part could stay number one having close to 400,000 technology employment. Silicon Valley has got the top concentration of technology jobs of virtually any metro area, with 285.9 out of every 1,000 corporate employees. Silicon Valley has reached the high average technology wage at about $150,000. Mainly a consequence of the high-tech industry, the San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA Metropolitan Statistical Area has got the most significant number of millionaires as well as the most significant number of billionaires in the USA.
The area is considered the leading high tech producing hub in America. The joblessness level in the area had been 9.4% in 2009, up from 7.8% in the previous thirty day period. Silicon Valley got 41% of the U.S. venture expenditure the year of 2011.

To give you an idea of what Silicon Valley looks like regarding IT corporation concentration:

Silicon Valley Corporations


This image is a bit old. They are new players in this area like Google and Facebook, and even some companies in the web hosting industry.